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Falseworks: Pipe Shoring - Shore Caps

Shore caps are a recent innovation to pipe falsework systems used in bridge construction. Their intended purpose enables pipe falsework columns to be square-cut to appropriate elevations while still allowing for structure crossfalls and/or super elevations.

Shore caps have been fabricated to accommodate either single or dual pipe diameters with a choice of top plates that swivel in a single axis or universally.

We have previously manufactured shore caps in the following sizes and capacities:

Pipe Diameter


Top Plate

16/18", 20" or 20/22"

200 Kip

Universal Swivel

18/20" or 20/22"

250 Kip

Single Axis


250 Kip

Universal Swivel


250 Kip

Single Axis

* Recommended work load with 2.5:1 factor of safety.

(If you do not see one that meets your requirements, please contact us for a quote)

Shore Caps Telescoping