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Falseworks: Column Brackets

Column/Wall brackets are manufactured to accommodate a variety of shapes and capacities. If your column is round, octagonal, square or some other shape Wadco can help. Whether your work loads are 15 Kip or 150 Kip Wadco can help.

Erection procedures typically require brackets to be used in pairs. The brackets are secured in place with the use of hi-tensile threaded rods passed thru holes that are either cast, or bored, into the structure.

As with friction collars, an important component associated with the use of column/wall brackets is the necessity to "pre-load" the thru-bolts holding the brackets to the structure. Bolts are typically torqued to the load that will be imposed on them when the brackets are loaded to their working capacity. This is necessary because the thru-rod will elongate when loads are imposed and therefore the brackets will pull away from the structure. Torqueing the bolts simulates the loads that will be encountered when subsequent construction loads are applied thereby eliminating any additional elongation.

Torqueing requirements are a function of the capacity of the bracket and the number of thru-rods being used. Values in excess of 3,000 ftlbs of torque are not uncommon.

Our most popular bracket has a 50,000# working capacity (with a 2.5:1 safety factor). It can be used on a flat wall, or on any diameter column down to 16" and requires 2,700 ftlbs of torque on a single thru-bolt if used at its maximum capacity.

The use of screwjacks to facilitate the accurate grading and controlled stripping of falsework is commonly incorporated in the bracket design. Since screwjacks can not be adjusted while loaded, hydraulic jacks are used during the stripping process to remove the loads from the screwjacks, enabling them to be released.

Whether your need to eliminate the use of grounded falsework is for environmental, traffic clearance or some other purpose Wadco can be of assistance.

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