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Culvert Forms: Collapsible

Whether your culvert is 3'0"W x 2'0"H, 10'0"W x 4'0"H or somewhere in between, this forming approach will make you money. Modular in design, the addition of panels, in increments as small as 6", in both the horizontal and vertical axes, will enable you to cast product for just about any job.

On an existing invert with 6" starter walls, you can collapse, move and expand up to 64 LFT of internal form in less than 2 hours, without having to go inside. The hinged system uses turnbuckles, manually powered, from the leading end of the culvert. Place your reinforcement, move your exterior vertical panels and you are ready to pour that afternoon.

The integrated traveler facilitates pulling and alignment wheels keep the form centered. Form components are in 8'0" section lengths and consist of hinged corners and filler panels.

Call us today to discuss the future of forming box culverts.

Arch Box Collapsible