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Column Forms: Heavy Civil Round

Wadco has chosen to market round column forms designed for durability, longevity and ease of assembly. The geometry of a circle, more than any other shape, makes it possible to design forming approaches that varying wildly in price. The shape allows the skin of the form to contribute much more significantly to the capacity of the form. So much so that little else is required to contain the concrete pressures except a means of bolting the two halves together.

Since a round form will naturally assume its shape when under pressure it technically does not need structure to make it round. Unfortunately, a form is not always in the casting configuration and therefore is susceptable to forces that will tend to deform its shape. Erecting, stripping, transporting and storing expose any form to potential damage. Wadco's round column forms are typically fabricated in 8', 4', 2' & 1' section lengths and have horizontal ribs on 2' centers, except at each end where an additional rib is provided to increase maximum column height that is capable of being lifted.

This design results in a product that will provide years of multiple reuse service, minimizing form distortion and facilitating assembly because bolt holes remain aligned.

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