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Barrier Rails: California Type 27

This Caltrans half-median barrier rail configuration has a flat back panel and is 32" tall. Alternatively, to accommodate cross-falls or super-elevations, back panels can be ordered with sliding skirts that are adjustable from two locations on the panel’s top flange providing a height variation from 30” to 36” tall.

The contoured face (traffic) panel (interchangeable with the type 25 face) design stacks neatly for compact storage/transport and promotes product longevity by reducing point loading during handling. Leveling bolts are provided in two locations, on both the face and back panels, to assist with grading and assembly on uneven surfaces. Turnbuckle assemblies allow for accurate plumbing & alignment of panels (anchors by customer). Top ties & taper ties set the face & back panels at a pre-determined spacing, thereby eliminating measurement.

All panels are provided with bolt holes in the top flanges for the attachment of customer provided pick-eyes.

Commonly placed on foundations or piling to support sound or retaining walls, extension panels can be bolted to the bottom or tops of the 32” barrier panels. In certain applications, the barrier forms can be incorporated in a wood gang-form, steel strongback configuration allowing for a monolithic pour of both barrier & wall.

Type 27
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