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Barrier Rails: California Type 26

This Caltrans sidewalk barrier rail incorporates an 8" curb panel with a telescoping brace capable of casting a sidewalk between 5'0" and 9'0" wide. Extension tubes are available for wider sidewalks. The back panel has a 4" deep haunch and is 36" tall. To accommodate cross-falls or super-elevations, back panel heights can be safely changed from 40" to 34" tall by means of a sliding skirt which is adjustable from two locations on the top flange of the panel.

The face (traffic) panel is supported by 2 threaded, vertical tapered pins to accommodate varying sidewalk thickness resulting from the combination of bridge cross-fall and sidewalk width. The face panel design stacks neatly for compact storage and transport and promotes product longevity by reducing point loading during handling. Turnbuckle assemblies allow for accurate plumbing & alignment of panels (anchors by customer). Top Ties & taper ties set the face & back panels at a pre-determined spacing, thereby eliminating measurement.

All panels are provided with bolt holes in the top flanges for the attachment of customer provided pick-eyes.

Type 26
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